In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatahu

Flag Of Prophet Muhammad [salla lahu alaihi wa sallam]

The Prophet used flags of different colors in different Ghazwat (campaigns commanded by the Prophet) and Saraya (campaign commanded by any Sahabi). The major flag of the Prophet was known as &;Al- Uqaab&, it was pure black with and without symbol or marking.

Later:When Makkah was conquered the flag was Black flag with white banner [La ilaha ill Allah muhammadur rasool Allah]

Sunan of Abu-DawoodHadith 2586 Narrated byJabir ibn Abdullah

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) entered Mecca his banner was white.

Al-Tirmidhi HadithHadith 3887 Narrated byAbdullah ibn Abbas

The Prophet's standard was black and his banner white.

Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah transmitted it.

White flag with Black banner represents Islamic state,black flag with white banner represents Jihad.

There Is not a single Islam country which has Flag like the Flag of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.Because there is not a single Islamic country.Saudi Arabia is Riba[Interest] based economy.She has abandoned Jihad.Malaysia is interest free without capital punishments & Iran an interset free but a Shia/Muslim Nation.

So there is not a single Islamic country on the face of the earth.

Muslims did had an Islamic country some years back when Taliban ruled Afganistan.

Their flag was white and banner was black,There are many prophesies about Taliban.

Taliban ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia recognised legitimacy of their government Mullah Mohammed Omar, was called Ameer ul mumineen[the leader of the believers] just like the khulafah-e-rashideen [pious calips] were adressed.

Islamic law

The Taliban instituted a form of Shari'ah (Islamic law). The Taliban's reform of government was in part directed by scholars of Islamic law. Among the laws applied were criminal punishments, administered by a religious police force, including amputation of one or both hands for theft and stoning for adultery.Hijab for women,beard for men,Women were strictly limited in their ability to work in public places.Before Taliban came to power,women used to be kidnapped,mullah Omar was among those who used to rescue women. However, they were allowed to set up their own businesses from their houses; they were also permitted to work in certain medical positions so they could treat female patients. Women could not work if they had a baby, in which case they had to stay home and care for their children. The Taliban believed women should stay home in order that their children did not have to grow up in the care of another, and also believed that work is the duty of the male in the house and to reject this duty was haraam.

The Taliban religion minister, Al-Haj Maulwi Qalamuddin, told the New York Times that "To a country on fire, the world wants to give a match. Why is there such concern about women? Bread costs too much. There is no work. Even boys are not going to school. And yet all I hear about are women. Where was the world when men here were violating any woman they wanted?"

The other problems plaguing Afghani women were the result of dire poverty, years of war, the bad economy, and the fact that many were left war widows, and could no longer provide food for their families without some sort of international aid.

Taliban banned opium poppy cultivation in late 1997 though it was source of income.Narcotics traffickers were arrested and prosecuted.

Buddhas of Bamiyan were destroyed as idols are not allowed in Islam because Afganistan became an Islamic state.[Saudi supported it]

Black Banners from Khurasan (Afghanistan) to Jerusalem:

Taliqan (a region in Afghanistan) that at that place are treasures of Allah, but these are not of gold and silver but consist of people who have recognised Allah as they should have. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-zaman, p.59)

On 11 September, after Taleban forces reportedly declared Taliqan town and its surrounding villages military zones, some 18,000 people living in the villages of Ganj Ali Beg, Sarai Sang, Khatayan, Qazaq, Ahan Dara, and Shurab were forced to abandon their homes in search of safety.

Khurasan is Afganistan:

At the time, when the Muslim Ummah will have abundance of wealth, gold and silver, the Muslims will be extremely belittled, weak and helpless. The enemy nations will invite each other to pounce upon them as hungry people invite one another for food. The Sahabah (R.A) asked with utter worry, &O Prophet of Allah! Would we be very few in number? Prophet Muhammad (S) replied: No! You & be as great in quantity as the foam of the sea is, seen wherever the eye can reach. But you 'll be overtaken by wahn;The Sahabah (R.A) asked, O Prophet of Allah! What is wahn?&; He (S) replied: Love of this world and fear of death! You ' ll join hands with a Christian group and war with another. You''ll gain victory. At that time, you will be present in a plain of great mountains with plenty of trees. In the meantime, the Christians will raise the crucifix and refer the victory to it. At this, a Muslim will become angry, and will pull the crucifix down, at which, the Christians will unite breaking all treaties with the Muslims. The Christians will demand their wanted people, to which the Muslims will answer: By Allah! They are our brothers. We will never hand them over. This will start the war. One-third Muslims will run away. Their ;Tawbah; (Repentance) will never be accepted. One-third will be killed. They will be the best 'Shaheed' (martyrs) near Allah. The remaining one-third will gain victory, until, under the leadership of Imam Mehdi, they will fight against Kufr (non-believers). This group will belong to Khurasan (ancient name for Afghanistan). They will be wearing black turbans. People will rise up from the East who will keep on coming forward, trampling the ground under the feet, to the aid of Imam Mahdi (Alayhis-Salaam) to help establish his government. (Ibn Majah) From Khurasan will emerge black flags, whom none will be able to turn back (and they, the flag bearers, will continue moving forward) till they reach Illya (Jerusalem) and embed their flags into its earth (Tirmizi) In the era preceding Qeyamah the Christians will control/govern the whole world. The Christians will reach Khyber.

(Place in present day Saudi close to Madina. US forces are already positioned there)

(Hadith quoted in Bab-al-Qeyamah by Muhaddith Shah Rafee-ud-din RA)

But it was not khilafah

Son of 'Asakir quoted Yunus son of Maysara son of Halbas as saying that the Prophet had stated: "This matter (namely the Caliphate) will be after me in Medina, then in Syria, then in the Jazeerah, then in Iraq, then in Medina, then in Jerusalem. If it is in Jerusalem, its home country is there, and if any people expel it, it will not return there for ever." (Son of 'Asakir)

so Khurasan is no where mentioned...